Register Documentation

Here you can authenticate yourself with the system with your own RSA key pair. Only people who are enrolled to the class can open Gradecoin accounts, with some exceptions for people who asked nicely. This is enforced with your Student ID (e123456) and a one time password you received with your complementary Welcome to Gradecoin email.

Authentication Process

The cryptographic outputs you are sending over the network are all Base64 Encoded

    "student_id": "e123456",
    "passwd": "32 char secret",
    "public_key": "---BEGIN PUBLIC KEY..."

Cipher Initialization

Since we are working with AES-128, both key and IV should be 128 bits (or 32 hexadecimal characters)


The available tools and libraries might warn you about how using the primitives given above are "hazardous". They are, crypto is hard.

    "c": "C_AR",
    "iv": "iv",
    "key": "key_ciphertext"

If your authentication process was valid, you will be given access and your public key fingerprint that is your address. Please note it down. You can now sign JWTs to send authorized transaction requests. After all this, you might want to bask in the glory of having successfully managing your way through a home-made cryptographic system. Maybe the Gradecoin you got given as the registration reward will help.

Seriously, congratulations