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Gradecoin is the latest cutting edge blockchain technology agile grading framework that drives organic engagement powered by distributed neural networks, LLMs, and other buzzwords, with big data mining search engine optimization

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Welcome to Gradecoin!

Blockchains are incredibly simple, but they can seem very complicated. We will see how they work and practice programming production grade cryptography code.

This server is the sandbox for PA1, and it is currently running the Gradecoin application. Gradecoin is the faux currency we will use to simulate a blockchain network. At the end of the simulation, the amount of Gradecoin you hold will be your PA1 grade.

A quick summary: authenticate yourself to the system using public key encryption. Craft Transaction proposals and tag them using JWTs. When there are enough transactions then you can propose Blocks. Blocks need to be mined beforehand using Proof-of-work a.k.a. brute force.

Gradecoin uses a Proof-of-work block accepting mechanism. It uses single round Blake2s hashing which produces 256-bit (64 hexadecimal characters) output. The target hash is 24 bits or 6 hexadecimal characters of 0.

We're expecting you to use existing tools and implementations. Don't roll your own crypto. Feel free to ask questions. Collaborate.

You need to authenticate yourself to Gradecoin to begin with, and get rewarded for your hard work with some Gradecoin to start with! Then you can earn block rewards by proposing blocks, create some Gradecoins by generating traffic on the system, or transact with our new highly trained AI bots!


The first transactions of a block is called the coinbase. They are the author of the block proposal and if the block is accepted then they get compensated for their efforts with some Gradecoin.

Public Key Signatures

Gradecoin uses 2048-bit RSA key pairs.


Please respect the system and others. Keep your request rate below a reasonable limit. Programming a bot is absolutely fine as long as it's not aggressively sending requests.




Authorization: The request header should have Bearer JWT.Token signed with student's private key





This all sound complicated!

How do you actually earn Gradecoin?

I found a bug!

Thank you! Please let me know so we can solve it.

I hacked the server!

That wasn't supposed to happen 😢. I did not place any intentional vulnerabilities to the system so if you cracked something, it was not intended. Please don't abuse it and let me know, so I can patch it.

I want to contribute!

Thank you! The code for Gradecoin and this site are open source, so you can take a look and let me know if you have any improvements, corrections, typos to point out or whatever. Both documentation (this site) and code contributions are appreciated. My git server will be somewhat ahead of the GitHub repository, but I will sync them at every major milestone.


At the end of the simulation, your Gradecoin balance will be your grade. I will also expect your client for submission, programmed in either;

If your favourite programming language is missing please let me know 🤷?

How and or Why?